Darryl Willis

Darryl Willis is a geoscientist with an extraordinary career, exciting ideas for the future of geoscience, and a gift for communicating his vision. He has jumped from the oil and gas industry into a leading role driving the energy transition as Vice President of Energy & Sustainability at Microsoft. Straddling the worlds of geoscience, energy and digital transformation, perhaps not surprisingly he sees the future of geoscience as intimately linked with solving future demands for energy in a way that reduces carbon emissions and improves access. Understanding data and integrating it into geoscience more effectively is another key theme.

But when you listen to this conversation, what really strikes you is the excitement that Darryl conjures up around his ambitious vision for the future of geoscience. In his view, geoscientists have critical skills that are central to the challenges society faces – whether that’s coping with ambiguity in data, or the centrality of integrative thinking to the practice of geoscience.

This is a conversation full of passion and positivity.

(Note: there are a few minor technical issues in the recording of this interview.)

Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President, Energy and Sustainability Industry at Microsoft
Audio only version here

Or find the audio version on Apple podcasts at Geoscience Futures.


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  1. This is a timely ,excellent interview that could be sent globally to the many many young people wondering what to do … with their lives …about Global warming… wanting to find a reason and purpose. Being a geoscientist we can tell the stories as “ time travelers” but what I have found invaluable is also studying the mechanism of our minds. That was the critical missing link and when I put them together we discovered the first oil in Belize and a country is transforming from within.

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