Laura Tyler

Laura Tyler is Chief Technical Officer at the global resources company BHP – a role which gives her a unique insight into the future of mining and the role of geologists in building sustainable economic development. She began her career in Australia as a geological engineer, working in civil engineering and mining operations, and she retains a deep passion for her geological roots.
Listening to Laura in full flow, what becomes clear is her total belief in the value of Geology’s mission as sustainability and the energy transition become dominant themes throughout society. “There are so many things we can solve with Geology”, as she puts it. In this conversation she fires out fascinating and provocative thoughts on subjects as varied as geology and leadership, the education and training of geologists, and the need for technical excellence in everything that geologists do.

She kicks off the conversation with some thoughts about how – even as she has headed into senior management roles – she still sees herself as a geologist.

Laura Tyler video interview
Laura Tyler podcast version. Note that the audio quality reflects its origins as a recording of an online video conference with Iain, Cam and Neil. It’s also worth noting that the podcast version has a slightly different start from the video version…

Or find the audio version on Apple podcasts by searching for Geoscience Futures.


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