Andrew MacKenzie

There aren’t many geoscientists who have achieved the positions of power and influence enjoyed by Sir Andrew MacKenzie. Currently Chairman of the Board of Shell, he is also head of the UK Research Institute. Prior to these roles, Andrew was Chief Executive of the giant resources company BHP, and before that he held senior leadership roles at BP. As well as his corporate credentials, Andrew had a pretty decent career as a research scientist, specialising in geochemistry and making notable contributions in the field of oil exploration.

This discussion was recorded before Andrew’s appointment to head the UK Research Institute, but the views he expresses have added significance now that he occupies such a senior role in UK science policy. This is a discussion littered with strong opinions, so listen on to hear the thoughts of one of the most influential geoscientists in the developed world.

Below is an audio only version of the interview. (This version can also be found as a downloadable podcast here and on Apple podcasts – search for Geoscience Futures)


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