Karen Hanghøj

If you take a look at the website of the British Geological Survey, you’ll see that its primary role is the production of geoscience knowledge. No surprise there. But is that enough? Karen Hanghøj, the new director of the BGS, thinks that its mission needs to go further. 

She argues that geoscience needs to be a more outward looking discipline. It isn’t enough simply to do research, it’s also vitally important that we make people aware that geoscientists have information that is relevant to public debate and the policy making process. Too often we’re just not at the table when major issues of public policy that are underpinned by geological knowledge are being discussed.

This is a conversation rich with insights that come from a career spent at the interface between business, science and policy making. 

As usual, on our side the conversation involves Iain Stewart, Cam McCuaig and Neil Evans. As is so often the case, it begins by looking at the biggest challenges facing geoscience today.

Karen Hanghøj

Below is an audio only version of the interview. (This version can also be found as a downloadable podcast and on Apple podcasts – search for Geoscience Futures)
Karen Hanghøj podcast


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  1. Congratulations Karen,
    I so agree with Karen and stated so well by Iain and herself regarding looking at the bigger picture and embracing the Geosciences and getting the best communication out to the public

    The Natural Scientists , the Geoscientists,the Geophysistis,the engineers can make a real difference in this world Agree so much with encouraging the scientists to really get out there and into schools,and public ,business and policy forums
    With this in mind ,I was interviewed in the library at Burlington house and it was on your web site for a few years
    Susan Morrice ,
    Co Founder ,Chair Belize Natural Energy ltd


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