Unesco 685

These interviews grew out of a UNESCO IGCP project that explores the links between geology and sustainable development (UNESCO project 685).

Unesco Project 685 is based on a gap in the study and practice of geology, namely that whilst geoscience knowledge, experience, and guidance are critical for addressing many of society’s most acute resource needs and environmental challenges, few geoscientists have directly engaged in current discussion around sustainable development. That is surprising given that modern geoscience is well placed to make critical contributions to solving societal challenges. In the GeoSD project, we tackle the apparent disconnect between geoscience and the public and policy arenas.

The project addresses three fundamental research questions:

  • What are the geoscientific principles and practices that underpin ‘sustainability’ and how are they manifest across the georesources sector?
  • How can current sustainability-related practices in real-world geoscience (mining, oil & gas, construction) be better integrated into geoscience education and training?
  • How can geoscientific knowledge be more effectively communicated to the public to policy makers?